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Raise your vibe

Raise Your Vibe Collective is about consciously and collectively raising the vibration internally and outwardly
so that we can see & hear of more good on this planet.

Discover the Beauty in Yoga & Meditation

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Yoga means union, unite or to connect. By connecting the mind, body and soul through breath control, simple meditation and moving through a series of bodily postures and stretches, you are offered the benefits of relaxation and better wellness. Connect with us below to learn more about programs, workshops and services for individuals, organizations and schools.

JaTorra Commodore Coach

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Relax to Calm the Chaos
Meditation offers your mind, body and soul, rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It is a place where you can practice being more mindful, becoming self-aware, and connecting to yourself and/or Spirit.
Connect with us below to learn about sessions, programs, and workshops for individuals, organizations and schools.

Commodore Coaching - Raise Your Vibe - Yoga Classes
Commodore Coaching - Raise Your Vibe - Meditation and Relaxation Classes

Personal Development and

Wellness Coach

Raise Your Vibe Collective aims to deliver personalized experiences to women, by utilizing transformational life tools to support them in managing stress and preventing burnout. We do this by offering 1:1 and group coaching focusing on accountability and personal commitment, while equipping women with sustainable, viable, integrated mind, body and spirit practices that are simple and practical enough to be embedded into their daily routine.

Commodore Coaching - Raise Your Vibe - Personal Development and Wellness Coach



JaTorra Commodore Coach

JaTorra Commodore is a native New Yorker who resides in Connecticut and is a proud wife and a mom to two teenagers. She is a former educator of 20 years turned personal development and wellness coach which includes certifications in mindfulness, meditation, yoga and social emotional learning facilitator. She holds a BA in Psychology and MA in Curriculum and Instruction.JaTorra guides others in mindfulness, meditation, and mindset practices that support the mind-body-spirit connection. She supports her clients in taking back their life and living in the NOW, which in turn reduces stress, overwhelm and helps beat burnout. She is the author of the book Priority You: The Art of Taking Back Your Life as a Teacher, which details tools and strategies for helping educators through stress, overwhelm, and beating burnout. She is also the founder of the up and coming Priority You Passion Project which aims to support women with soul-care tools that enhance their well-being from the inside-out. JaTorra’s impact doesn’t stop there. She also leads sessions in mindfulness, meditation, yoga and mindset for children and adolescents through her Wellness Warriors program.Through her mindfulness, meditation and mindset classes, speaking engagements and programs, participants learn how to connect to the stillness and silence within, practice self-awareness, build greater compassion for themselves and others, harness self-love, and most of all experience calm and renewal. She offers personal development and self-help experiences where participants are given the tools and the coping strategies to reduce stress, prevent burnout and live a more joyful and fulfilled life. She hopes to be a catalyst for change in how we look at mental health and taking care of our overall well-being.JaTorra enjoys living a life of freedom and purpose, traveling, and writing. The beach is her happy place where she finds solace and serenity to disconnect from the world, while reconnecting to self and source.

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